Apartment Hunting

I just spent two hours sitting in a car repair shop. I went in expecting to pay $20 for an oil change, but as I was driving over there my check engine light came on! I walked out spending $120, with nothing fixed and my check engine light still on. To fix it they gave me an estimate of $1,068 and then said they couldn't guarantee that it would fix the problem. No, thank you. I love my car, but not that much. I hate it when little things like that happen!

Charlie and I are looking at more apartments in Dallas when he gets home from work today. We went on Sunday and it was an overwhelming and frustrating experience. I spent hours looking online, printing out floor plans, organizing them by area, price... (you get the picture), and when we went to go look at them, every single one of them looked NOTHING like their pretty pictures online. One even smelled like fried food and smoke :( Boo. This time we've decided to just drive around areas we like and look at ones that catch our eye. We did this toward the end of our search Sunday and it was the only apartment we looked at that we liked. They even have stoops, and if you know anything about me you know it is my dream to have a house in the city with a stoop!

Carrie's stoop from SATC!

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