The Past Few Weeks in a Nutshell

Vanessa Kensington: "That's you in a nutshell."
Austin Powers: "No, this is me in a nutshell: Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?"

Well, to say a lot has happened since I've last written is understatement...

I'll start with my new school placement. I'm in second grade and I absolutely love it. At first I was not very happy about going into second grade because I thought they were older than what I wanted to teach, but I'm having such a good experience! My teacher and I have very similar personalities and she's even a vegetarian just like me! The other three teachers on the team have been so nice and welcoming to me as well. All three of them know Charlie's family and one of them has been going to the same tailgate as me for years, so I feel comfortable where I'm at and that makes it so nice to go in everyday. It also helps that my good friend is teaching first grade next door to me and I get to see her everyday! The kids are so well behaved and sweet. I'm just so lucky that I've had a good student teaching experience, because I know many others that have had awful times at their placements. I can't wait to get my own classroom!

On March 27th Charlie proposed! We always went on walks around campus together when I lived in the DG house and he lived at Beta because we never really had time to be alone together or talk in private, so that was our time to be together. We've continued to do that since we've moved off campus so when he asked me to go walking on campus I didn't really think much about it. The only problem was that the temperature had dropped like 30 degrees from the day before and it was rainy and windy outside. I really didn't want to but ended up agreeing. We walked our normal path and when we got to the point where we usually walk back to the car he said "let's go around one more time." At this point I was a little annoyed because my hair was wet and frizzy, I was freezing, and my umbrella kept blowing inside out because of the wind. I could tell something might be up, but I had been feeling that way since I knew he had a ring, so I still wasn't really sure if it was going to happen. We got to this water fountain and he started veering off on a path that we never went on and I could tell he wasn't paying attention to anything I was saying. He stopped and said "well..." and I saw the flowers he had for me and finally figured out what was going on. I don't remember much but he told me that he had made some of the most important decisions of his life on our walks and this was a decision that he knew was right, and at that point he got down on his knee and gave me the ring! I don't remember saying yes, but he said I did haha. Luckily his older brother was hiding behind some trees and got pictures of everything.

Anyway, now I'm packing up my apartment. I can't wait to get out of here and into a place where everything is mine and I can finally have all of my things in one space! I also love being able to go through everything I own and get rid of stuff and get re-organized. We still haven't found a place to live in Dallas, but we have a few places that we are considering.


  1. Holy smokes! You weren't joking about being a busy girl! I'm so happy for you both. AND the possibility of moving to NYC on top of everything else you're trying to conquer?!?! How fun? Enjoy every minute:)

  2. What a sweet story! I love it!


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