It's Official

After all of the looking we did in Dallas we finally decided on a wedding in Norman, which wasn't even originally on our list. Everything we found in Dallas was very expensive and very impersonal, both of which are not our taste. There is a beautiful gazebo right next to my Dad's house, so after taking a good look at it, we decided it was much more our style. Plus, I can get ready at my Dad's house and not have to worry about traveling somewhere with all of my things.

That is my Dad's backyard to the right, and I'll be walking out from there and over the bridge to the gazebo.
Lots of shade from the summer heat.
Another view

We'll be doing a small, private ceremony here with only about 75 people, and then immediately following we'll have a reception with about 200. This works out best, since most people don't REALLY want to see the actual wedding anyway!

I'm SO relieved to finally have that part over with.

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  1. That is perfect for you guys!!! I am sooo excited! Your blog is super cute, I had no idea you had one! Yay!


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