Our Little Home

Here are few pictures of our new apartment since none of our families, and only a few of our friends, have seen it. Enjoy!

Here is the view of our kitchen from the living room
View from the dining room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bedroom
We still need to hang the curtains and find a place for the TV
This room has turned into a "put everything in here that has no other place" room, but eventually we'll get a bed in here and really turn it into a guest bedroom. This is the room that is bothering me the most right now!
Living Room
We're still trying to figure out what to put above the TV, and over our little book shelf, that is just a temporary wall hanging until we can find something we like better to put here.
Dining Room
Our bedroom
We'll eventually replace this with a dresser, and then use this as our TV stand in the living room.
Master Bathroom
I can't wait to get new towels for our bathrooms!

There is still a lot we want to change and add, but we're saving that for when we get married. If we replaced everything now we'd have absolutely nothing to register for!

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  1. You did such a great job! It's sooo adorable. I would expect nothing less from my Stacy though. I want to visit you in Dallas!

    Ps is your TV stand from IKEA? I think we have the same one in brown. Was supposed to be black and we got all the way home with it, opened it up and the mofo was brown. Target had an awesome one I wanted, very similar, only $350. I'm babbling. <3 you!


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