Moving Some Things Around

I'm waiting to buy things that I love, so I'm currently making do with our Ikea filled apartment, but it's starting to bug me that our house isn't the way I want it. To change things up I've been moving our things around until I find what I like best.

Here's what I did to our book shelf in the living room: 
I still don't like the picture on the wall (it is something that I had in college), but I like it much better than what we had before:
I thought it looked much better in our kitchen, and while I was at it I took away some of the clutter on our counters.

This is the part of our living room that is complete (for now).
There are a couple of piece that I would like to add to our room that I think would help complete the look. I think it feels a little bare right now. I love this mirrored side table table and this headboard that are currently at Target.
On another note, I was watching the Martha Stewart show today and I learned something so simple! I had never really known how to display towels on towel racks in the bathroom, and it always bothered me that I could never make it look right. Well, today Martha had my answer and all along I had just been skipping one folding step!

Before I knew how to fold towels:

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  1. I heart anything ikat and the fabric on the chair you want is fab.


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