Meet Tobias

We adopted a dog from an animal shelter this past week. He had a rough week with losing his family, being in a shelter, getting neutered, getting sick with kennel cough, and then driving to Norman with us for the weekend, but he's much better now and has a TON of energy!
At our shelter meet and greet
The day we brought him home after surgery

It took us awhile to finally decide on his name. We would come up with something, call him by it for a day or so, and then decide it didn't fit him. One of Charlie's friends suggested the name Tobias to us, as in Tobias Funke from the show Arrested Development, and it has been his name ever since!

Tobias Funke and Tobias Graves


  1. he is sooooo cute!!!! adopting is the way to go! :)

  2. He's adorable! And what an amazing namesake...

  3. He's sooooo cute! He needs to meet my Cooper. Tobias looks like a happy puppy full of love. I can't wait to meet him:)


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