Wedding Shoes!

Every girl needs a fabulous pair of shoes on her wedding day. Today I was at Nordstrom and bought these Steve Madden glitter flats to wear during the reception.
While these are cute, they aren't wedding day fabulous. What I want for the ceremony is this pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that I fell in love with awhile ago to match the flats above.

Unfortunately they are a couple of seasons old, so the only way I'll be getting them is through eBay. I'm hoping he'll come out with something similar between now and our wedding. What better day to wear blinged out heels than on your wedding day, right?


  1. Me too! Those ARE fabulous! I want some too but I would have absolutely nowhere to wear them lol. The flats are adorable too and it'll be nice to be comfortable at your reception!


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