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After looking at TONS of different linen options for tables, I found myself attracted to this burlap-type material. It fits in perfectly with the casual mood of our wedding and would be a super easy DIY project.

I am particularly fond of using the burlap as a table runner, or using the burlap as the linen and pairing it with a lacy runner as seen in the picture in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Two words. Mason jars. I love, love, love using mason jars as vases. I also like the idea of using different flowers on all the tables so that each table is unique. It reminds me of picking flowers out of a garden. Here are some of my favorites.

I found this idea to use vintage tea tins as vases:

I also like the idea of using pitchers. I got this one from Ikea that I use on our dining room table. They come in three different sizes and I can imagine having a few of these filled with flowers and scattered around on different tables.

I have recently discovered bunting, and the more I see it the more it's growing on me. I had never even heard of it until I started wedding planning. We can't hang anything from the ceilings or walls at our reception venue, so I thought this would be a fun idea to help decorate and use on something like the cake and gift tables.

I had always envisioned a dimly lit reception area with huge paper lanterns and twinkle lights. Unfortunately, this vision now has to go out the window since we can't hang anything from the ceiling. I've seen a couple of ideas using balloons that create a similar effect. It just seems like it could be tricky to keep it from looking tacky. I found these from Martha Stewart that capture my idea pretty well.
I would have to plan this very carefully, though. There is a fine line between the two pictures above, and this one below, which makes me want to scream! 

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  1. LOVE all the ideas! You are so much better at this than I was. I didn't research any of that.. I just had my florist/designer pick out stuff to see if I liked it. LOL! It's going to be bee-yoo-tifull! I especially like the different flowers at every table idea. Very unique!


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