Wedding Attire

I was initially very overwhelmed with different wedding ideas that I liked, and completely hated planning. I've decided to break it down into one thing each day and pick out ideas that I like the most. Today I focused on what everyone is going to wear. Our colors are light pink, chocolate brown, and ivory. I've tried to incorporate these into what we are wearing without being too matchy.

I've already picked out and bought my bridesmaid dresses. They are in the light flamingo color from J. Crew. I put the champagne color up to show how they look on. My favorite thing about these dresses is that they have pockets!

I also really like these pearl necklaces to go with them. This dress goes with so many different shoes, I'm going to let them decide what style they want to wear. I also bought one of these dresses for myself and wore it with a nude peep toe. I think nude, champagne, or gold will look best. 

This one was hard for me. I'm not a guy (obviously) and Charlie doesn't have very strong opinions about fashion. Since our wedding will be outside in June I don't want to make our guys wear jackets. It was between this pant color or a tan, and I think this bluish gray color won. We will get them these pants from J. Crew, the oatmeal colored Jack Purcell's, and pink Burberry tie. We'll let them pick out their own white shirt, which I'm sure most of them probably already have, and dark brown/black belt. 

I was having a hard time thinking of a nice gift to get the groomsmen, and I think this tie will do the trick. We're having a casual ceremony, so the traditional gift of something like cuff links and pocket squares won't work. I'm not totally sold on it yet though because I'm afraid it might come off as too trendy. I'm still looking for other pink and brown tie options that might work better.

Charlie will be wearing exactly what the groomsmen are, except he'll have this jacket.

Here are the two dresses that I'm currently crushing on. The first one is a simple Nicole Miller dress, and the second one is from J. Crew (go figure!). I'm going to Chicago in late October to start trying dresses on, and I'm going straight for these!

I'm still looking for some great heels to wear, since the pair I love are no longer available to buy. 
Here is the current Christian Louboutin glitter pump. I also thought these could be a fun "something blue." If only they would make them in an peep toe version. I'd buy them in a second!

I also found these Kate Spade shoes that are very similar to what I wanted in the first place. AND they match the flats I bought yesterday!

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