New (To Me) Website

I love finding new websites, especially if they save me money! If you're obsessed with Gilt like me, I'm pretty sure you'll love One Kings Lane. It's a members only website that has 72 hour sales on designer home accessories!!! Wooo!



A few weekends ago we went to Wichita, KS to watch Charlie's older brother's band play. Here are some pics from the weekend!

It wasn't the most exciting drive...
The "young" ones got to sit in the backseat.
Here are some more pictures that we took in downtown Plano after visiting the Farmer's Market on Sunday morning. It definitely wasn't as busy as Saturday night, but you can see how adorable it is!


Do This Right Now!

Stress from the last year and a half of college sort of took a toll on my weight, and with a wedding dress deadline quickly approaching, I've been working my butt off... quite literally. For the past three weeks I have been working out 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day, and then on the weekends for an hour. I use the elliptical for 45 minutes and then run for the last 15 minutes at the gym. Then, every night Charlie and I walk our dog on a trail right next to our house for about 3 miles. With running and walking I'm up to 26 miles a week!

When I first started I HATED running. It hurt and I couldn't breathe. I would make it for about 2-3 minutes at 4.5 mph. It was bad, and super discouraging. I kept at it and worked my resistance up a little every time and now I can go 5.5 mph for the entire 15 minutes, and now I actually crave it and get cranky if I miss a workout.

I haven't lost much, only 5 lbs. since my heaviest in September, but jeans that I could barely even button a few weeks ago already fit comfortably. I care much more about that than how much I weigh, but I do plan to lose another 20 lbs before June.

Another thing I'm doing differently this time is that I'm not dieting. The only thing I've cut out completely is alcohol. 500 calories for a margarita? No, thank you. I've been eating pretty much anything I want, just in moderation. I read in a magazine that the reason so many women fail at losing weight, and men succeed, is because we tend to try to do too much. We say "I'll work out, quit eating pasta, quit drinking, only have 1,200 calories a day, quit eating bread..." and guys say, "I'm going to work out and quit drinking." This approach has definitely worked for me and the best part is I've never felt deprived! 

Anyway, the point of my post is, if you're like me and you're always going to start working out "tomorrow" stop what you're doing and do it right now! It's so worth it for your health and the older you get the harder it will be to get your weight where you want it! 



This is the first weekend in a long time that we haven't gone back to Norman, so we took the opportunity to explore our city. We found The Fillmore Pub on Urban Spoon and decided to try it out. I'm glad we did because we discovered downtown Plano. It is SO cute. It's a little like downtown Norman, but a lot busier and with more shopping and dining options.

In Chicago there is a restaurant that makes the absolute best veggie burger I've ever tasted in my life. I always end up eating like three of them every time I visit. Luckily, this pub had a homemade veggie burger that came the closest to my Chicago obsession that I've found so far. We got to sit by a window that looked out to the DART light rail station. I looked up the schedule online and we can take the red line straight to the Dallas zoo, which we're planning to do soon. It's my own little piece of Chicago.

There is also a cute little farmer's market that we're going to check out in the morning. I always carve a pumpkin on my birthday, so hopefully we'll find the perfect one tomorrow!


Family Love

I have the best maid of honor and future sister-in-law ever. Look at her sweet post about me. Love her so much! It's exactly what I needed today.


Odds and Ends

I'm sort of in a rut as far as wedding planning goes. I keep finding miscellaneous items that I like, but somehow need to figure out how to bring them all together.

Since we are having our wedding outside I want to keep the decorations to a minimum. I like the idea of using Shepard's hooks to line the aisle. I would hang either the mason jars filled with flowers or the lanterns. I think it would be a super easy and inexpensive DIY.
Lantern from Ikea.

For the guest book table I really love the idea of using an old piece of furniture.

Like this:


And this:
I like these vases that I found on etsy. I will probably put a few of these out full of pink peonies.
 There are a lot of trees, so I thought about doing something like this:
I'm in love with this cake table. I already want these letters from Urban Outfitters for our apartment, and I love the idea of using them on the table. I don't really like a traditional wedding cake, and I'm a big fan of cupcakes, so that will probably be our main dessert. I also like the idea of having a lot of different choices for everyone. I love me some options.

For our send off at the reception I came across these sweet little homemade flags. This could prove to be a time consuming DIY, but right now it's the only thing I've found that I like.
Lastly, I want to use vintage picture frames like the ones below for things like menus, "reserved" signs, etc. This is an idea that I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly how I want to incorporate.
Super cheap from from Ikea.


Engagement Pictures

We took our engagement pictures this weekend and already have some back!

If you're in the Oklahoma City area and want someone who is super fun and takes awesome pictures for a very reasonable price check out So Darn Happy Photography. She was amazing!