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I'm sort of in a rut as far as wedding planning goes. I keep finding miscellaneous items that I like, but somehow need to figure out how to bring them all together.

Since we are having our wedding outside I want to keep the decorations to a minimum. I like the idea of using Shepard's hooks to line the aisle. I would hang either the mason jars filled with flowers or the lanterns. I think it would be a super easy and inexpensive DIY.
Lantern from Ikea.

For the guest book table I really love the idea of using an old piece of furniture.

Like this:


And this:
I like these vases that I found on etsy. I will probably put a few of these out full of pink peonies.
 There are a lot of trees, so I thought about doing something like this:
I'm in love with this cake table. I already want these letters from Urban Outfitters for our apartment, and I love the idea of using them on the table. I don't really like a traditional wedding cake, and I'm a big fan of cupcakes, so that will probably be our main dessert. I also like the idea of having a lot of different choices for everyone. I love me some options.

For our send off at the reception I came across these sweet little homemade flags. This could prove to be a time consuming DIY, but right now it's the only thing I've found that I like.
Lastly, I want to use vintage picture frames like the ones below for things like menus, "reserved" signs, etc. This is an idea that I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly how I want to incorporate.
Super cheap from from Ikea.

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  1. Everything you pick is super cute so I'm sure it will all come together and be fabulous!


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