My New Friend

Charlie's parents came to visit us for the first time this weekend, and we had a lot of fun. We  ate and shop, shop, shopped! I also got my way cool birthday gift from them. A LABEL MAKER! If you know how completely OCD I am about organization, then you can understand how great I think this is.

Here is what I've accomplished today:
When we moved I unpacked and put everything in a place, and Charlie always got frustrated when he couldn't find something, so this is great for him also.

And for some more good news...

This past week I didn't have time to go to the gym, so I only got in 45 min walks with the doggie, and since we had company, I ate my heart out. I'm talking veggie burgers (not the healthy kind), cheese fries, chocolate chip cookies, chips, pizza, spaghetti... you name it, it probably went into my face this weekend. I only weigh myself once a week, and I had already had a huge breakfast, so needless to say I was terrified to do it today and lose all the progress I had been making. This was my lucky week though, because I actually lost weight! Woo hoo!

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