living room

After almost a year, I'm still trying to find a direction for our living room! I really wanted to throw in some pink, so I've tried to balance out the girliness with a touch of masculine in the chest, stripes, and slate-colored ottoman.
This ottoman just went on major sale, and I'll be purchasing that and possibly the pillows with my Christmas money. All we need is for the couch to go on sale again! We already own everything else, so we're getting closer to the final product. I'm still keeping an eye out for two fabulous chairs, but I'm waiting until the perfect one comes along at the right price.
I'd also eventually like to get a rug. I really like these four choices, and they all stick with the blue, pink and orange theme that I'm going for.


merry, merry

Have a very merry Christmas! 



I've been eyeing these festive Kate Spade rings all season
 As I've mentioned before I mainly only wear cheap-o jewelry because I tend to lose/break things easily, so I opted for the knock-off version of these beauties. While they are no Kate Spade, I think they make a pretty good substitute considering they all cost less than $3. 
I have the last one, and it only cost me $1.80. I wear it all the time, and so far it's held up much better than I expected, too.

friday finds

It's taking everything in my power not to buy this gorgeous wallpaper from Anthro. They put all of their sale an additional 50% off again and it's too tempting... was $148, now $35. I just know I could find a place to use it when we move to a more permanent place. Unfortunately, since I don't know where I'd use it I have no idea how much I'd need. Boo hoo.
We never got the wine or champagne glasses that we registered for, but I'm glad we didn't because today I found these that I like much better... and they were 75% off! They were way cheaper then I would have been able to find at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, and these are much better quality and have such a fun vintage look to them. I waited in line for 30 minutes, but it was worth it!
Now seriously, I'm going to stop checking my e-mail and go into hiding because I have no willpower when it comes to a good sale.



Holy Christmas post cards.  I've already sent out my cards this year, but I just found these adorable vintage postcards from Rifle Paper Co. and I had to get them. You can look forward to receiving one of these in the mail next year :)
I also found these gorgeous cards. I hate running out to buy a card at the last minute, so I'd like to have these around to send. These are actually a much better deal too, considering the last birthday card I bought at Target was $5!
My Christmas list just keeps growing and growing...


DIY snow globes

I found these snow globes at Anthro, but they retailed for $30 each. Crazy. Charlie's mom and I have decided to make these for a fraction of the price from some of the leftover mason jars from our wedding. We're making some for ourselves, and some to give as gifts to all the gals in the family. I bought my mini sisal trees from Michael's (they were hard to find), and found some cute snowmen and glitter snowflakes that I'll be adding as well. I'm still trying to find those vintage looking reindeer. If you spot some let me know, please!
 I found this tutorial online in case you're interested!


pretty paper

Aren't these papers from Paper Source beautiful? I picked them both up to frame for some super affordable artwork (22" x 30" piece of art for $4.95??). 
I'm going for this sort of look:
Can't wait.



I'm dreaming of a home office. Our little office nook is crammed into our guest bedroom. This is at the very bottom of my list of home projects, but a gal can dream, right?

decor images via


OMG we're having a fire! (sale)

I went to go check out this wonderful purse from Ann Taylor, only to be incredibly disappointed that the strap didn't extend to make it a cross-body bag (super sad face). Gap was next door so I went in and I'm SO glad I did. I picked up both of these jackets for $5.33 TOTAL out of my pocket. For serious. If you aren't taking advantage of these holiday sales you are cray. They are practically giving stuff away out there!
They both look weird and boxy in the online pics, but they are perfect and fitted in real life. I love jackets because they make me feel put together even though 99.9% of the time I am not put together at all. I'm debating about going back tomorrow and getting this yellow version of the black jacket above:
P.S. I hope you caught the Arrested Development reference in the title of my post :)


dear santa,

I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with all of the holiday sales happening right now. In addition to all of the things that I NEED want in my previous post, I have added more to the list:
I hope I've been good this year...


weekend shopping

I'm on a home decor high. Sad? Probably, but I just found some pretty amazing things for prices that I can actually afford! Remember my whole bedroom redo that I'm working on? Well, I have searched and searched for green pillows with a greek key-ish design, and the only ones I could find that I really loved were $175 a pop. Today I found these Trina Turk embroidered greek key pillows in green for only $32.50!!! They are currently selling on the website for $138. Major score.
I'm in love with these chandeliers - particularly the lotus one. It is currently selling for $695, and this one was only $235. Possible Christmas gift? Even if we can't find a way to hang it up in our apartment, I tend to buy things that I love when they are a bargain. I always end up finding the perfect spot. I'm going for this sort of look above our bed:
I really liked these velvet chairs. When we get a new couch we are replacing our love seat with a chair or two. Charlie wasn't sold, but I think it's an option.
These. Lamps. (the silver ones) I'm dying to stick an Edison bulb in these babies.

Charlie's parents also came into town this weekend, hence all the shopping, and surprised me with this sweet anthro vase that I've been eyeing every time I'm in the store.
Can't wait to find the perfect spot for this!



Coralie Bickford-Smith was the designer behind these beautiful book covers: 
Now, she's done it again by designing these gorg F. Scott Fitzgerald books.
Speaking of The Great Gatsby... 



Since it is officially the holiday season, I guess I'll share our winter wonderland with you...
Toby put the star on our tree. Yes, I know this is ridiculous.
I hung the garland using this trick from Pinterest.
My favorite spot in the living room.
I had no place to hang our stockings, so I decided to hang them on command hooks in the dining room, and disguised them by making little gold bows.
Toby's baby tree in our room.
 My motto. If you're in a bad mood listen to a Christmas carol. You can't be mad after that!
Christmas cookie jar.



I finally found a coral lace dress in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, Forever21 decided it would be neat to break the record for world's shortest dress. Damn you, F21.