DIY burlap tablecloth

After searching and searching for the right kind of tablecloth for our cake table, buffet table, etc. I've decided to make my own. It's quite ambitious, but with all the wonderful help I have around me, I should be able to knock out the 8 that I need in a weekend.
Isn't it great? A local rental company wanted to charge $55 to use something similar for 4 hours (!!!!!), and this one from Etsy costs an outrageous $320! No thanks. We've calculated that it'll only cost around $30 to make each one, and then I plan on selling them afterwards, so hopefully it should end up costing very little after I'm done!

I'll definitely be sure to post pictures of my endeavor. Wish me luck!


  1. did you ever make this? Do you have any tips for making one?

  2. It sounds complicated to make but I absolutely love how it looks. A DIY tutorial could be more appreciated.


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