pocket sandwich theatre

We've started making Thursday our "date night." We live in an amazing city that has so much to offer, so we've decided to take turns surprising each other with fun new things to do. Our only rule is that it can't cost more than $25/person. This week was my turn and I chose Pocket Sandwich Theatre. It's only $10 and completely worth it. They put on incredibly corny, but very funny plays while you have dinner and drinks. The best part is that you get a container of popcorn to throw. You can throw it at the actors, your waiter, the people around you, or at each other (which is where most of ours went). 

We saw "O Brother, Werewolf Art Thou?" We didn't expect much, but we laughed the whole time.

We didn't get any pictures of the performance, but here's one from their website:

I already have a great idea for my next turn to plan :)

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