wedding schmedding

We received our save-the-dates yesterday. I was so excited to get them, but when I opened the box I took one look at them and then threw them back in. They looked like a 5 year old child printed them and then cut them out. They were horribly off-center, cut crooked, and somehow the text was pixelated. A piece of advice, stay far, far away from Vista Print for anything important!

Now I'm officially one month late getting them sent out, and out about $60 on top of the ridiculous amount I'm about to have to pay an overpriced wedding company. Boo. I can't wait for this to be over with. 

I also finally finished the incredibly tedious process of making the guest list. It seemed like it would be pretty easy when I started, but when you have six people who all want to invite their friends, and you start adding +1 to each, it quickly started to get out of control. We've spent the last two months painstakingly editing it trying to figure out who wouldn't be coming so we could squeeze in one more person. Anyway, it's finally finished. Now we have to deal with figuring out which 100 out of the 250 we'll be inviting to our small ceremony...

Another piece of advice. Elope.

The end.


  1. Stacy I am so sorry! : ( I've used Kinkos in the past to print invites and wedding day planners and they have always done a great job! Can you take your design there?? Miss you!

  2. :( I'm sorry you wasted all that time. that's so frustrating! And oh! Kinkos is a good idea! Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys! I think we may have it figured out today, so it all worked out!


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