sorry for the mess...

Sorry for the ugliness of my blog for the next week or so - I'm in the process of re-doing it. It's going to take awhile since I'm trying to remember what I learned in my HTML classes that I took way back during my sophomore year of college. Hopefully it will be worth it when I'm done!


happy valentine's day!

Mr. Funke and I delivering Charlie's special Valentine.


inspiration boards

During all of our snow days I had a lot of time to get our final details planned out, now we just need to make all of our purchases!
 Reception Centerpieces
Reception Tables
Misc. Reception Details


movie night

I saw this DIY valentine's night popcorn invitation for a movie night in, and I couldn't resist making my own for date night.
I had pretty much everything except the popcorn bucket and M&M's. I got the popcorn bucket for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and a small package of valentine colored M&M's for $0.79, so this cost less than $2 to make!
Since I'm using this for our date night, and not valentine's day, I had to make my own heart magnet. I made mine with the heart drawing tool in MS Paint and then added the text over it. So easy! Mine may not look as pretty as hers, but it will do!

impromptu snow sledding

Disclaimer: Please ignore the way we're dressed. When you have been stuck inside for almost four days, you start to forget what's acceptable in public :)

You can see Tobias' fear/embarrassment of his father in this picture.
 This was ridiculously fun. I think I went down this hill at least a dozen times.

date night

A few of Charlie's co-workers have a band called the The Sun Downers. We went and watched them play at a coffee shop in Garland. They remind me a little of Ray LaMontagne and little of Blind Pilot all mixed together. Very chill. We'll definitely see them again. 

We got there a little early and walked around downtown to find a place to eat. Our choices were Mexican or Italian, and we decided on the Italian. It was a cozy little Mom & Pop restaurant. I got a slice of cheese pizza, he got pepperoni, and we split the "chef's special"
So lucky to have him as my future husband!


I love all of the sweet owl decor out there right now. I'm debating about getting one of these adorable cookie jars from Anthropologie. If you religiously watch Modern Family like me, you may recognize the second one. Every time I see it in the Dunphy's kitchen I remind Charlie of just how fantastic it would look in ours. I haven't purchased either one yet, because I can't get myself to pay the $68 - $98 for a cookie jar when there are never cookies at my house!
 Some very cute owl knobs, also from Anthro. I think they would look pretty great on my desk in the guest bedroom.
These are my own salt & pepper shakers that Charlie got for me. They're super affordable from Pier1.  
 A little flower pot that I found at Hobby Lobby for less than $3. I saw a tiny ranuncula plant at Whole Foods yesterday that I think I'm going to plant in this baby.



Isn't this cake gorgeous? We're having cupcakes as our main dessert, but need a very small cake for Charlie and I to cut. I think this may be the winner.


tulle tablecloths

Just when I thought I had decided on what I wanted my reception tables to look like, I've found these gorgeous tulle tablecloths. Although I'm not so sure I want to put myself through the tedious process of making 25 tablecloths with fifteen layers of tulle...


house schtuff

Charlie got me a new dresser for Christmas, so we got to move this out of our bedroom and into the living room. We were able to get rid of the bookshelf we had to the right, and I put all of our DVD's in those trunks. 
Now, we finally have room for a chair. I'm looking at this one. I love the gray linen, tufting, and nail-head trim.
I still need something to put above the TV. I saw this idea on apartment therapy using those cheap ceiling medallions that you can find at pretty much any hardware store. I might try this is gray.
Here's the other side of our living room, with a few little updates.
 Our new dresser. Sorry the lighting is bad, I took it with my phone.
We finally got some new bedside lamps. Now, I just need the perfect nightstands.

I found this today, and I'm thinking about getting it as a little thank you gift to our photographer who has been so amazing to us!

snow day # 4

Oh, what a day. Our forecast for a "dusting" of snow really turned out to be 7" when we woke up this morning. I don't really mind though, because I love the snow. Charlie has been a trooper and has gone to work every day this week. I decided to get up and join him outside while he got all of the snow off his car, and give Tobias a chance to run and play in it. Well, I immediately bit it from the ice hidden underneath the snow from our storm earlier this week. Now I've got a very sore and swollen left thumb and wrist from putting all my weight on it during the fall :( 

Luckily, it was the only part of me I hurt. I think the 3 layers of pants I had on helped pad my behind ;)
 I think it's so cute that he always blinks when he looks right at the camera!

After officially not leaving the apartment since Monday, I figured I needed to get out. Tobias and I ended up going on a long walk. It was still snowing and it was so quiet and beautiful. I could have gone forever!
This was after our walk
watching some birds
This was right before sunrise this morning. I love the little bird that landed right as I took the picture.


rehearsal dinner

Here are our rehearsal dinner invites. Obviously, real information isn't on these, but aren't they cute? 

ice, no cable, and blackouts. oh my!

This is crazy. We received MAYBE 2 inches of sleet and snow (mostly sleet) yesterday morning, and it seems like the whole state has shut down. In these past couple of days I've seen how absolutely unprepared Texas is for any winter weather that comes their way.

First, the streets. They don't salt the roads, they sand them. When the high temperature is in the teens and the wind is gusting up to 50 miles an hour sand does absolutely nothing. It doesn't melt the snow, and it's being blown around, so it's not really helping with any traction. We're supposed to stay below freezing until Friday afternoon, so until then most roads (including the major highways) are going to stay a solid sheet of ice making it nearly impossible for anything to get back to normal until then. I tried to get out yesterday and my SUV (that was full of gas and had the traction control on) slid backwards down the hill that you have to make it up to get out of here. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and invest in some salt next year.

Since most roads are pretty dangerous to drive on right now, people are finally giving our public transportation system a try. However, if they tried to ride the train yesterday they were turned away because they shut all trains down due to the wind. If you tried today you were told there was going to be a 15 minute delay, only to find out it's really about an hour because Texas has implemented rolling blackouts today and DART didn't manually set-up their back-up generators. This looks particularly bad for us because it's super bowl week and there are a lot of out of town people trying to get around by using public transportation, which is already not very user friendly down here.

Second, no power. All across north Texas today they are implementing rolling blackouts that last about 15 minutes at a time because "of shortage due to high usage in extreme weather." I'm actually using less electricity, and with all of the businesses shut down, I'm not really sure how so much electricity is being used. Nevertheless, this is not something people want to hear when they are stuck at home and it feels like -15 outside.
Here's a survey that our local news station has on their website. It looks like we're not handling it too well. I'm going a little crazy staying at home by myself for the past couple of days with no one but Mr. Funke to talk to. Luckily, today we're planning to play Clue - The Office edition and drink $3 bottles of wine. 
Whole Foods' new version of Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck.
Since school was closed for the past two days, and I don't work on Thursday and Friday, I've officially had a one-day work week. Normally, that would sound fantastic, but I really love my job and I'm ready to go back to work!


ice, ice, baby

One of the many perks of being a teacher: Snow Day!

Well, it's more ice than snow, but I'll take whatever I can get down here.
What did I do today, you ask?

I found a new computer chair to replace our giant black leather one that we've been using.
Designed our wedding menus:

Menus will go in these and be placed at each table:
Now I'm off to clean the house and do laundry :) I love days that let you catch up on everything.