movie night

I saw this DIY valentine's night popcorn invitation for a movie night in, and I couldn't resist making my own for date night.
I had pretty much everything except the popcorn bucket and M&M's. I got the popcorn bucket for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and a small package of valentine colored M&M's for $0.79, so this cost less than $2 to make!
Since I'm using this for our date night, and not valentine's day, I had to make my own heart magnet. I made mine with the heart drawing tool in MS Paint and then added the text over it. So easy! Mine may not look as pretty as hers, but it will do!


  1. Stac- You are such a good blogger! Lots of great posts lately. And that date night package is too cute. You are so crafty :) I remember your mom always making cute little cupcakes and stuff all the time! Must be in the genes. I would get frustrated and throw all that stuff across the room if I tried to do it, lol.

  2. Haha, it comes in spurts. Recently it's because of the ridiculous amount of snow days that I've had!!


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