I love all of the sweet owl decor out there right now. I'm debating about getting one of these adorable cookie jars from Anthropologie. If you religiously watch Modern Family like me, you may recognize the second one. Every time I see it in the Dunphy's kitchen I remind Charlie of just how fantastic it would look in ours. I haven't purchased either one yet, because I can't get myself to pay the $68 - $98 for a cookie jar when there are never cookies at my house!
 Some very cute owl knobs, also from Anthro. I think they would look pretty great on my desk in the guest bedroom.
These are my own salt & pepper shakers that Charlie got for me. They're super affordable from Pier1.  
 A little flower pot that I found at Hobby Lobby for less than $3. I saw a tiny ranuncula plant at Whole Foods yesterday that I think I'm going to plant in this baby.


  1. Okay I am a commenting whore... But.. I collect owls! I love owls! I have this owl necklace that my great grandma gave my mom when she was little which started the obsession. I sewed a baby blanket with an owl on it not long ago, too. My cats are really enjoying it, lol! Go get the cookie jar! Splurge! And it'd be a good excuse to eat cookies... You have to break it in with some chocolate chip cookies.

  2. I have that 2nd white owl on my blog! I love them. We really want the orange one because we love owls and orange! ; )


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