snow day # 4

Oh, what a day. Our forecast for a "dusting" of snow really turned out to be 7" when we woke up this morning. I don't really mind though, because I love the snow. Charlie has been a trooper and has gone to work every day this week. I decided to get up and join him outside while he got all of the snow off his car, and give Tobias a chance to run and play in it. Well, I immediately bit it from the ice hidden underneath the snow from our storm earlier this week. Now I've got a very sore and swollen left thumb and wrist from putting all my weight on it during the fall :( 

Luckily, it was the only part of me I hurt. I think the 3 layers of pants I had on helped pad my behind ;)
 I think it's so cute that he always blinks when he looks right at the camera!

After officially not leaving the apartment since Monday, I figured I needed to get out. Tobias and I ended up going on a long walk. It was still snowing and it was so quiet and beautiful. I could have gone forever!
This was after our walk
watching some birds
This was right before sunrise this morning. I love the little bird that landed right as I took the picture.

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