day 1 down, 20 to go

Warning: I'm going to complain in this post... a lot. It's also probably filled with horrible grammar and bad punctuation (as I'm sure most of my posts are), but I don't care

Charlie got sent to New York last minute, so my spring break that was supposed to be spent relaxing and hanging out turned into me being grumpy and wishing I was at work to pass the time. I've only been alone for a day and a half and it feels like weeks. I've been keeping myself busy during the day by going out to lunch with friends, working out, walking Tobias, and running errands, but at night I get really bummed, and Tobias and I both slept like crap. He kept getting up and sleeping by the door waiting for Charlie to come home :( Boo hoo. Unfortunately it's an open-ended trip so I really have no idea when he's coming back, but I'm hoping it's really only the three weeks that they asked him to go for (they originally wanted him there 6 weeks, but he said no). Only 20 more days to go. I wish they had let him know a week or two before the trip, and then we'd have been able to plan it where I could spend my break in NYC with him.

Oh yeah, and I found out from my doctor today that I have high cholesterol. WHAT!? I'm 25 with high blood pressure and high cholesterol :( I don't eat meat, so I know I'm not getting it that way. I checked every single food item in my house that I eat and 95% of it has zero cholesterol. The most I could find was my mayo that had 2%. EFF!

Finally, my job seems to have forgotten to pay me this month. I only got a very small paycheck for a couple of subbing jobs that I did in February. Luckily, I found out that one of the other ladies that I work with also didn't get paid. I think something went wrong with the direct deposit because another that gets her check mailed received hers. Either way, I only get paid once a month, so now I have to wait until April 15th until I see any money. The JT song "Cry Me a River" seems appropriate tonight. 

OK, I think I'm done complaining for now.

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  1. :( Meh! Good girl going to the doc to get checked out. Stinkin cholesterol.


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