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Recently, I've spent a lot of time going through my closet to get rid of things. I go in my closet every morning and feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear. I have a lot of pieces, but very few "looks." Over Christmas break I was able to get rid of two full bags of clothes, and over my spring break I was able to get rid of one more. I have to admit that during the process I've realized I'm a cardigan hoarder. I wear them practically every day to work. I had six black, five gray, and three tan cardigans that were pretty much the same (minus a ruffle or button detail), along with about ten other cardigans in various other colors and patterns. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do because I really do like something about all of them. Luckily, that same day The Nate Berkus show had a special about editing and organizing your wardrobe!

His guest made 30 completely different looks using items from a well-edited wardrobe. This is one week of looks. 
Here is the list he had for wardrobe basics. Yes, I took notes:
- white tank top (need, basic)
- white button down (need, without ruffles)
- black or gray sheath dress (love, sheath dresses. I also have them in navy and pink)
- colored t-shirt (need)
- striped t-shirt
- printed blouse (need)
- bright blouse
- bright cardigan
- dark straight jeans
- white jeans (i'll pass on these!)
- black pants (need a longer pair, mine shrunk)
- black or gray skirt
- bright printed skirt
- black belt
- bright belt (need, in pink)
- black pumps (need!)
- nude pumps
- flat sandals
- bright flats
- strappy heels
- striped blazer (want)

I'm not sure I could ever get it down to only these items, but the list definitely helped me pare down even more. I cut my cardigan collection in half and realized that I don't need four variations of a white tank top. I've been meaning to get a lot of these items on the list for awhile, so I took the opportunity to browse for some bargains over the break.

I just purchased these on sale for close to 50% off! I've had my eye some very similar pumps at J. Crew. I can't wait to get these in the mail!
I have a ton a black heels, but no closed-toe which was a bummer this winter when I wanted to wear tights. I'll be on the look out for these as well as a bright pink belt, and a striped blazer. I've found quite a few blazers, but each one always ends up having some weird detail that I don't like, like pea coat-style buttons, or sweatshirt material. If you find any, let me know! :)

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