(another) problem solved

I had another mini wedding breakdown today. I got online to buy the pants for Charlie's groomsmen and within the past week they had sold out in 4 of the sizes that we needed. I spent forever finding a pair of pants that I liked that weren't crazy expensive, so I was really upset. We decided to head over to the Gap to see if we could find anything, and ended up finding a pair that we both liked and they miraculously had all 6 sizes we needed. We bought them immediately, and, just like my save-the-date disaster, I like them more than what I had found in the first place.
They're navy blue with a very faint pinstripe. Charlie liked the way they looked so much that we're going back tomorrow to get him a pair.

We also bought Charlie's shoes for the big day. They're converse by John Varvatos, and look so cute on!

So, I got a few wedding things accomplished this weekend. Next week is my spring break and I plan to spend most of it finishing up all the planning (hopefully!!!). I'm am officially 100% over anything and everything wedding related.

P.S. I'm not done with changing the blog design, but I'm tired of messing with it for now. The font somehow enlarged while I was messing with the HTML code, and I still want to change the fonts to my post title, but I'll figure all that out at a later time.

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