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trip to new york city 
our balcony is ready for spring
new chair

darling i love you, but give me park avenue

While visiting Charlie in New York last month, I think we both realized how much we love life in a big city. We both love being able to walk and take public transportation. We love the street festivals, the parks, and the people watching. We have plans in the works to move to either Chicago, NYC, or San Francisco next June, and I'm already giddy about the thought of moving. Apartment Therapy has a contest going on right now called small/cool where people send in pictures of their small apartments. It has me dreaming of living in a teeny-tiny 400 sq. ft. apartment...
Luckily, Charlie got to stay in a corporate apartment during his trip. It was a small studio in the financial district with one closet smaller than our entryway coat closet, no central heat or air, and a community laundry room where you had to pay $3.50 to do a tiny load. Most of these things would normally make me cringe, but I couldn't help from keeping myself up at night imagining how I'd decorate and organize it if we lived there. 

Even though we love each other dearly, one thing we absolutely will not compromise on is having an actual bedroom with an actual door. We need our time alone. We would ideally also like to have a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. Unfortunately this is a very tall order in NYC, and if you want to live in Manhatten, you can expect to pay a minimum of $3,000 a month. It's pretty much the same scenario in San Fran, so Chicago is looking like the most likely candidate for our future home. Until then I will enjoy our walk-in closets, laundry room, balcony, central heat and air, and parking space. 


dream bed and more shoes

Today I spent the better part of my morning searching for THE shoes for the wedding (sad, I know). I still can't find anything that I love, but I did find my dream bed for only $3,000. One day...
Here are the only shoes I found that I was even slightly interested in:
I came very close to buying these, but I just can't decide if I like the way the heart looks sort of curled up. I have always liked wedding pictures with Vivienne Westwood's heart shoes, but I don't like the fact that they look like they're made of plastic. Maybe these could be a good substitute? 
At any other time in my life if you had told me to go out and buy my dream shoes I would have about 50 pairs that I wouldn't be able to decide from, but now that I have that opportunity, I can't find what I want!


"zero days"

When I lived in OK and Charlie lived in TX we used to count down how many days we had left until we saw each other again. The night before we always talked about how we had "zero days" left. Now I can finally say we have zero days left until we see each other again. It ended up taking 25 loooooooong days, but Charlie is finally coming home tomorrow! As soon as I get off work we're driving back to Oklahoma to pick up our little guy.
I can't wait to have my little family back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!