dream bed and more shoes

Today I spent the better part of my morning searching for THE shoes for the wedding (sad, I know). I still can't find anything that I love, but I did find my dream bed for only $3,000. One day...
Here are the only shoes I found that I was even slightly interested in:
I came very close to buying these, but I just can't decide if I like the way the heart looks sort of curled up. I have always liked wedding pictures with Vivienne Westwood's heart shoes, but I don't like the fact that they look like they're made of plastic. Maybe these could be a good substitute? 
At any other time in my life if you had told me to go out and buy my dream shoes I would have about 50 pairs that I wouldn't be able to decide from, but now that I have that opportunity, I can't find what I want!

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  1. The heart shoes are cute!!! I haven't seen those. I like the image of the shoes in the wedding pic;)


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