My asshole Chi flat iron broke last week, AGAIN. I've had three different Chi's in the past three years. The first one shorted out on me, the second one just straight up broke, and the reset button quit working on my third so it doesn't turn on. They are WAY too expensive to continue replacing every year, and they never really made my hair all that straight anyway, so I did some research and ended up buying a Sedu Revolution... AMAZING!!!!
I have very thick, frizzy hair and I only have to do one swipe with this baby to get my hair stick straight (and I don't even have to turn it on the highest setting!). It could take hours for me to get my hair straight with my Chi. If you're ever in the market for a new flat iron, get this one!! The best part is that it comes with a two year warranty, so I know I can at least count on it for a couple of years.

I also never splurge on shampoo, but I got a free sample of Fakkai Shea Butter shampoo and it made my hair so soft.
Now, with the combination of my new flat iron and shampoo, I finally have normal hair!

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