School is out next week, so for the next three weeks I'm going to be on wedding project overload! I've ordered the canvas flags and stencils that I need to make 150 of these soon. They'll be used to send us off as we leave the reception.
I'm going to miss my sweet kids so much. Some of the toughest ones to work with are actually the ones I'm going to miss the most. One of my kids told me he hated me on the first day, and on our last day together he was almost crying telling me that he didn't want to not have my class anymore. Another that I could barely get to say one word in our first month working together, and that told me he hated everything about reading and school, wrote me a note thanking me for making school fun for him, and that he hoped I could be his reading teacher next year. I could go on forever about my babies, but I really am going to miss them this summer.

They told me that I get first pick for my job next year, the only issue is that they are not sure right now when the Title I funds are going to come through. It may be at the beginning of the school year, or it may be in December like it was this year. This summer I'm going to look around for something a little more reliable, but if that doesn't work out I should be able to come back next year!

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