I am happy to announce that we're married, and I have officially unsubscribed from every wedding e-mail, newsletter, and blog, and deleted every wedding file off of our computer. It feels so good! 

Now, on to better things... like having the time to finally decorate our apartment.

We need a switch from my super girly bedding, which we're moving into the guest bedroom, so I just got this for our bed.
All we need to finally complete our room is a headboard and new nightstands. 

The three headboards I like the best:

And the nightstands:
The above nightstand in from Target, and I'm thinking about painting it cobalt blue, saving $220 a piece from this Crate and Barrel version.
I also sort of love these from Urban. They remind me of the mirrored nightstands that I love, and Charlie not so much. Maybe this could be a compromise? 
 These are also in the running



We definitely got spoiled on our honeymoon. Now we're counting down the days until we go to Chicago!
 This chocolate covered key lime pie has been featured on the today show, and voted 1 of the top 10 best desserts in America. I tried it, and then discovered that I really don't like key lime pie!
 One of our favorite bars on the trip
 Beautiful view from our room
 Key West roosters
 Ernest Hemingway house
 Lovin' the view from our balcony
 Trying oysters for the first time


mr. and mrs.

We're married! The day went by without a single problem, all thanks to our family and friends who worked so hard to make sure everything went as planned. Here are a few sneak peeks from our photographer...



We went by Crate&Barrel the other day to purchase a grill for memorial day (I'll post about that later), and this chair stopped me in my tracks. I absolutely love the combination of cobalt blue and white. In my last post I talked about my fear of all things white, so sadly I will probably never own this chair, but I did sit and enjoy it for a bit :)


this and that

White Jeans. I've been seeing them over and over again, and I can't decide if I can manage to pull these off. I do know that by the end of the day mine would be covered in pen marks, dirt, and ketchup (even if I didn't come into contact with any of these during the day). Pretty much every white shirt I own gets worn approximately two times before I ruin it with a giant stain. If only I could look as fabulous as these Kates do...
I was watching the Nate Berkus show the other day and he had a segment on mixing neutrals for the spring. Who knew white and beige could work so well together in clothing and in a room?
By the way, Gap has some really great neutral things out right now. I suggest you go to your nearest store because EVERYTHING is 40% off right now. I got a great jacket, a bathing suit, and a bunch of nail polish for less than $40! The checkout lady informed me that they make their nail polish in the same factory as Chanel, and right now it's on sale for less than $3! Run, friends!