I spoke too soon. I checked back today and they got five more of the side tables that I wanted back in stock! I snapped mine up immediately and I've already sold our old one on craigslist (which by the way is surprisingly easy)! 

They remind me of these tables that I love, except for a tiny, tiny fraction of the price.
horchow brass coffee table $999, boooo!
worlds away nesting tables $825, boooo!
Overstock brass side table $165, yaaaay!



I think I have a special power to make things sell out. I decided to finally buy this side table after literally looking at it for months, and it sold out while it was IN my shopping cart about to check out. This has seriously happened to me with nearly every large purchase that I finally decide to make. Farewell perfect side table...


all things go, drove to chicago

Charlie was sweet enough to let me go all the way to Milwaukee to see Bon Iver, (just  my favorite band of all time, nbd!) and as a bonus we're also going to Chicago for a few days! Charlie has only visited during the winter so this is my chance to show him how wonderful it is in the summer and seal the deal for us to move there in June! 

Here are some tunes to keep you busy while I'm gone.



I took Tobias to get groomed this morning and had about and hour and a half to waste, so I decided to go to Target and walk up and down every. single. aisle. During my adventure I found these dry nail polish strips by Sally Hansen in Frock Star. They are definitely not something I could pull off while working, but it's summer and I was in the mood for something fun. They are really easy to put on, supposed to last 10 days, super glittery, and there is NO way to smudge them. Yippee!
(iphone pic, sorry!)
By the way, Tobes looks fab.

art party

We finally have time for date night again! Last night we went to Let's Art Party for some painting and vino. We'll definitely be back!


vintage fans

I love the look of vintage fans, and I was happy to see Apartment Therapy write about them here. I fell in love with a vintage-inspired fan at Target and I've been looking for a way to incorporate it into our decor. When we got ours I searched online forever looking for some inspiration, and now I have it! Right now ours is just sitting on our dresser stacked on a few books, but I'm trying to figure out where else it might look better. 
You can see ours in the background of this photo. We never let Tobias on our bed, but he was giving me some serious puppy dog eyes this morning. 
If you're in the market for one, Restoration Hardware also has some pretty amazing vintage-inspired fans on sale right now. Love the small one for a night stand!


oh yes, we did

Charlie found a recipe for these last night, and convinced me that it would be a good idea to make them. We randomly had Oreos in our pantry (that is what I get for bringing Charlie to the grocery store with me!), and we've been wanting to use our new mixer, so I agreed. 
Here is the result: chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos. 
Cooking the Oreo with the cookie dough makes it really soft, chewy, and delicious.  
Please, mom? I'll be so good.

If you're going to eat a cookie, you might as well make it a giant one filled with butter, chocolate, and Oreo cream, right? Do yourself a favor and go make these right now!


weekend visit

This weekend my Dad, Nikki, Dylan and Malia came to visit us before flying off to Florida for vacation. 
Dinner at Fish Shack
Our favorite fountains in Frisco
Dinner at Twisted Root
American Girl Store for Malia's B-day


married life

Our stinky man got a bath after playing outside every day at his grandparents house while we were on our honeymoon
 Fireworks show that we found on our way home from the gas station. We decided to skip out on the shows this year because the traffic is always so horrible, but we ended up getting a perfect view all to ourselves :)

Charlie's brother came in to town this weekend. This is a picture of our late night beer, margaritas, and hammy's. Snuffer's is right down the street and has super yummy ham(and veggie)burgers, all day $2.99 margs, and $1.99 beer. Yes!
 Dinner at Blue Goose. We practically had the place to ourselves because everyone in Texas was at Kaboom Town. This was my last marg for awhile. I'm back on the no alcohol diet :( 
We have yellow jackets making a nest in our patio door/outside wall, and we can no longer use our balcony. Charlie got dressed up to fight them, and we thought we won... until they came back the next day. P.S. did you know that yellow jackets can chew holes and break through sheet rock? Not a fun fact to learn when they are making a nest in your wall!
 Starbucks date
Missing this view every night. We've had to stay inside with all of our blinds shut, otherwise our air conditioner can't keep the house below 76 degrees. I feel like I've been living in a dungeon!
Our new grill that we haven't been able to use since Memorial Day because 1) Texas is in a severe drought and there is a burn ban, 2) yellow jackets, 3) it's hot as hell.
Basically nothing exciting has happened, and after the wedding madness, I sort of like it that way. Although I'm not exactly sure what to be doing with myself until school starts again in August. 


bars and lucite trays

We're looking to add a little bar area to our dining room. We'll move our wine rack to the other corner, and find something to put in its place. 
Unfortunately, we don't have room for something like this:
So I've been searching for something else that might work and found these:
Yes, they are all made for the bathroom, but I think they could work quite well to hold our liquor, carafes and wine glasses and they're small enough to fit into our dining area. 
I'm sort of going for something like this:
 I also love lucite trays, and want one for this area.
So good in any room of the house!
 I think I'm going to go for this super affordable version from CB2