bars and lucite trays

We're looking to add a little bar area to our dining room. We'll move our wine rack to the other corner, and find something to put in its place. 
Unfortunately, we don't have room for something like this:
So I've been searching for something else that might work and found these:
Yes, they are all made for the bathroom, but I think they could work quite well to hold our liquor, carafes and wine glasses and they're small enough to fit into our dining area. 
I'm sort of going for something like this:
 I also love lucite trays, and want one for this area.
So good in any room of the house!
 I think I'm going to go for this super affordable version from CB2

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  1. I want a beverage cart! I always look when on Craigslist and in Antique store for the perfect one. I like lucite too. I really want a pair of lucite or acrylic louis chairs...


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