married life

Our stinky man got a bath after playing outside every day at his grandparents house while we were on our honeymoon
 Fireworks show that we found on our way home from the gas station. We decided to skip out on the shows this year because the traffic is always so horrible, but we ended up getting a perfect view all to ourselves :)

Charlie's brother came in to town this weekend. This is a picture of our late night beer, margaritas, and hammy's. Snuffer's is right down the street and has super yummy ham(and veggie)burgers, all day $2.99 margs, and $1.99 beer. Yes!
 Dinner at Blue Goose. We practically had the place to ourselves because everyone in Texas was at Kaboom Town. This was my last marg for awhile. I'm back on the no alcohol diet :( 
We have yellow jackets making a nest in our patio door/outside wall, and we can no longer use our balcony. Charlie got dressed up to fight them, and we thought we won... until they came back the next day. P.S. did you know that yellow jackets can chew holes and break through sheet rock? Not a fun fact to learn when they are making a nest in your wall!
 Starbucks date
Missing this view every night. We've had to stay inside with all of our blinds shut, otherwise our air conditioner can't keep the house below 76 degrees. I feel like I've been living in a dungeon!
Our new grill that we haven't been able to use since Memorial Day because 1) Texas is in a severe drought and there is a burn ban, 2) yellow jackets, 3) it's hot as hell.
Basically nothing exciting has happened, and after the wedding madness, I sort of like it that way. Although I'm not exactly sure what to be doing with myself until school starts again in August. 


  1. Where did you get that super cute grill?

  2. I can't believe I called a grill cute.

  3. Crate and Barrel. I'll be honest, the color was 95% of the reason why we bought it!


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