be thankful

Lately there have been a lot of reminders for me to count my blessings. Random things on TV, blogs, people on the street. Things that make me stop and think "I am so lucky for my life."

This is one of those blogs:
Ani and Matt Taylor (Warning: If you don't want to spend the next hour with a box of tissues, I suggest you skip this one)

Here is another:
The NieNie Dialogues  I remember seeing the Nielson family on the Oprah show a few years ago, and just recently found their absolutely inspirational blog. Every time I read their stories I am amazed at how much love there is in this family, and how they've managed to stay together through such a difficult accident.

Now any time I start to feel myself getting worked up that Charlie has left his socks on the floor again, I make sure to stop and think about how lucky I am that he's here with me to make all those messes, because I know I'd sure miss them if they were suddenly gone one day.

Now, go hug your family, your friends, and your pets and make sure you tell them every single day how much they are loved :)

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