i'm melting

As you (and the rest of the United States) may have noticed - It's H.O.T. out there. I ventured out of the house today and when I saw this I cried a little.
Unfortunately, tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so I have decided to stay at home and force myself to get everything done that I've been putting off for awhile. Besides, the UPS man is delivering my table tomorrow! 

Anyway, I've gotten off track. I have been addicted to Pinterest lately and have been collecting DIY ideas like crazy (tooooootally wish I would have discovered this website when I was planning a wedding). One of them was to make a knock-off version of this overpriced burlap message board from Ballard (love you Ballard, but $79 for a piece of cork and burlap is ridic).
I got the inspiration for the project here, but came up with an even cheaper way to do it. At Hobby Lobby I was able to pick up a piece of cork board that already had backing for $4.99 (eliminating the purchase of a canvas and cork squares), nail heads ($1.49), staple gun ($9.99 - 40% coupon), and picture hanger ($1.29). I used some left over fabric from our wedding tablecloths, wrapped it around the board, and stapled it to the back. Nailed each upholstery tack 1 inch apart, added my hanger to the back and... new message board above our computer desk for less than $15! 
You can see that I only put the upholstery tacks on the top and bottom. Mine kept bending and looking crooked, so I gave up and will try again another day to complete them all the way around. I have to say though, I'm sort of impressed with myself :)

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