living room inspiration

I've been looking and looking and looking for furniture to re-do our living room for a few months now, but I realized that everything I was drawn to was beige, gray, and blah. After spending forever roaming around online looking for just the right inspiration, I think I've found it! 

I came across this room the other day, and I can't stop looking at it. That velvet couch, those hot pink tufted chairs, ikat... I can't handle it!
I know Charlie won't go for the hot pink dining room chairs (sad face), but I think he'll be OK with one pink ikat chair. Everything in this room was custom designed, and ridiculously expensive, so I set out to find things that were similar and in our price range. 
I would like to re-upholster our existing slipper chair in the pink ikat. My grandma has some mad re-upholstery skills, so this should only cost what I pay for the fabric. I'm going to sit on the for a month or so, because I tend to change my mind quickly... 

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