mirror, mirror

I've always wanted a beautiful mirrored cabinet for our living room, but unfortunately they are usually at least a thousand dollars and I figured it would always be on my "wish" list.
BUT, today I purchased this baby
Instead of these three pieces, I purchased two of the center cabinets that will go side-by-side. It was normally $800, but I found it on clearance for 50% off, plus an additional 20% off the clearance price, with no sales tax and free delivery! After a quick OK from Charlie I snapped it up and I'm so excited to get it. I really, really hope it works.

Also, do you remember these living room plans? I'm sure it is no surprise, but I've done a little revising. I was afraid the couch would become dated rather quickly, and I wasn't really able to find an ottoman and chairs that I loved. Here is my latest plan:

The couch is already $500 off, and goes on sale for an additional 25% off for the next two days, so I may or may not be the proud owner of a new couch tomorrow ;)

I feel like this is a good mixture of these rooms that I keep coming back to for decorating inspiration

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