name change and a birthday

After a couple of months putting it off I finally made the trip to the social security office to change my name. I put it off for so long because: 1) I wasn't looking forward to waiting in line for hours, 2) I now have to change my name at the bank, at work, on my passport, etc. and 3) honestly, I'm a little sad to see my old name go. It feels weird that it is no longer me. Plus, every time I give people my new last name that immediately say "what?" So far, even though I've spelled it out, I've been Mrs. Grades and Mrs. Grapes (wha?) :( 

Anyway, here are some pictures from charlie's birthday last week:
Our appetizer at Whiskey Cake. Fried green tomatoes that are so good you'll want to punch someone. Seriously.
Outside whole foods on our way to pick up some beer.
One of charlie's b-day selections.
Charlie and his mini cake. It was delish.

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