I'm gonna go ahead and apologize for this post, but I'm feeling like a super biotch right now. I'm lonely, cranky, and bored. Plus, I'm leaving for San Fran soon and have absolutely. nothing. to. wear. Boo, boo, and superdouble boo.
yup, this sounds good right now
sushi that I made out of pure boredom (thank you, brother for teaching me how to roll!)
I miss my little man so freaking much right now. He's in Oklahoma with my Dad so we don't have to board him while we're gone.


missoni mess

Just when I thought I was the only one that didn't understand the ridiculous Missoni for Target madness:

I still can't believe there are people on eBay who are actually paying hundreds of dollars for this crazy polyester-ish mess from... Target.

P.S. adulting is a hilarious blog. Read it.


save the date

So, it's not like I'm ever getting married again, but is this not the cutest idea for a save-the-date you've ever seen? Yes, it is.



I just wanted to give a shout out to our wedding photographer at So Darn Happy Photography who is doing a fantastic Groupon today! We absolutely loved her, so I thought I'd pass it along for anyone who might be looking for someone to take a few pictures. She does families, couples, babies, pets... and is super easy to work with. We bought one to use on our one year anniversary :)


book signing

I just found out that Grace Bonney of Design Sponge is coming to Dallas next month for a book signing. I got my book last week and can't wait to meet her!


I need want a pink chair. So badly.
I just can't figure out how to incorporate one into our living room and still keep at least a tiny shred of masculinity for Charlie. 
If a pink chair doesn't work, I could definitely live with pink accessories.


date night

For date night a couple of weeks ago, Charlie surprised me and took me to Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff. It's a completely vegan diner, and holy cow (get it?) it was freaking delicious! Charlie had a "meatball" sandwich and said it was the best meatball sandwich he's ever had (seriously, this guy would eat a slab of meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let him) and I had a veggie burger with a side of pasta salad. We also took home a vegan cookie and brownie for dessert. Good thing this place isn't closer to us, because I'd never cook again.
love that skyline.


lovely bar carts

Awhile ago I mentioned adding a bar cart to our dining room. Well today one of the blogs I read introduced me to Society Social. This website is like my dream come true! Affordable, fun, and colorful bar carts!
How can you decide between these lovelies??

And, a couch that I like and can afford!
I love that you can choose from a ton a funky colors for your main fabric and the accent welt along the back.
I wish I had a reason for a rug!


Things that make me say "yay!" today:

1) I get to pick up Charlie in a few hours! He was supposed to fly home yesterday, but his flight got cancelled due to maintenance issues. I was a little bummed to spend another night alone, but I'm super happy that I get to see him today.
2) I booked my flight to SF. I get to go for two weeks!
3) I have a super fun bachlorette party to go to this weekend, and I'm throwing a couples "fiesta" themed shower the weekend after that, AND my friend Mal is flying into town today! Yay for seeing a lot of my friends over the next couple weeks. Everyone is so spread out across the country that it usually makes it difficult to see everyone.
4) I've already sold a lot of my wedding stuff and it's only been one day! 
5) Is it too early to decorate my house for fall? I didn't think so.

cleaning out

While Charlie was gone I did a lot of cleaning and finally got around to listing a million wedding items online. I'm so ready to get all of this clutter out of here! It's been piled in our guest bedroom closet for two months and every time I have to go in there I cringe. Now, hopefully it all sells! 

Anyway, while I was cleaning I came upon hundreds of cards. I have literally saved nearly every single card that I have received in my life. I even have cards from the day I was born! I decided that I probably can't keep doing this for the rest of my life without taking up tons of space. 

Luckily, I recently came across an idea on Pinterest to go through and decide which cards are truly important (hello, day of birth card!) and keep these. Then scan the rest onto your computer and donate them. I love that I'm getting rid of clutter and able to help someone at the same time! I thought I'd share this with you so you can make sure to keep this in mind for the upcoming holiday season!



We finally got our cabinet that I mentioned here, and it fits great!
our side table that I've mentioned about a million times. 

Now, if only I could find the perfect sofa and chairs. They don't exist in my price range :(


tobias funke's birthday

I just dropped Charlie off at the airport. He's going to Vegas for the weekend which means you can find me obsessively cleaning, baking, pinning and sleeping with the lights on (because that keeps the murderers away, you know?) convinced that every sound I hear is someone breaking into my house :) 

Looks like Toby is the man in charge now. Which reminds me, I never showed you his birthday pictures. Yes, this happened.

Penny is very impatient. Toby is just confused.
I felt judged by the man who checked us out at Target. We had party hats, a candle, and a cupcake dog toy. He knew.


here to stay

We finally found out that have decided not to move us to San Francisco until next November, and even then it's not certain. I'm a little sad, but at the same time I'm relieved that we will have time to plan for everything because I am sure that I would have lost my mind trying to do it all in such a short amount of time. Plus, now I get to visit for a few weeks and get a feel for the place. 

I'm certainly thankful that now I can relax. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't make any long-term plans because I didn't know where we'd be in two months. 


ants in my pants

I've been holding off for as long as I could stand it to say anything, but I'm tired of waiting! Charlie was told there was a more than 50% chance that we will be moving to San Francisco on November 1st. They told us three weeks ago that they would let us know in a week. Now I'm sort of freaking out because we have less than two months to find a new place, pack, sell at least half of our belongings (and my car), and make the move. I just need to KNOW. Even if we don't move, Charlie is being sent up there for a few weeks in October, and you better believe that I'll be taking a San Francisco vacay. For now I guess I will just enjoy time with my washer and dryer, because I'm pretty sure those won't be happening in SF.

However, we will hopefully have wood floors and one of these rugs will be happening:


our weekend

 we got a flat tire on our way out of town. luckily the owners of the tire shop liked dogs and let toby come in out of the heat. he looks so confused.
charlie sent me this picture from their tailgate this weekend. I chose not to go because it was 100+ degrees outside and... I don't like football.
 we celebrated charlie's birthday in norman this weekend
blowing out candles.

happy long weekend!