ants in my pants

I've been holding off for as long as I could stand it to say anything, but I'm tired of waiting! Charlie was told there was a more than 50% chance that we will be moving to San Francisco on November 1st. They told us three weeks ago that they would let us know in a week. Now I'm sort of freaking out because we have less than two months to find a new place, pack, sell at least half of our belongings (and my car), and make the move. I just need to KNOW. Even if we don't move, Charlie is being sent up there for a few weeks in October, and you better believe that I'll be taking a San Francisco vacay. For now I guess I will just enjoy time with my washer and dryer, because I'm pretty sure those won't be happening in SF.

However, we will hopefully have wood floors and one of these rugs will be happening:

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