Things that make me say "yay!" today:

1) I get to pick up Charlie in a few hours! He was supposed to fly home yesterday, but his flight got cancelled due to maintenance issues. I was a little bummed to spend another night alone, but I'm super happy that I get to see him today.
2) I booked my flight to SF. I get to go for two weeks!
3) I have a super fun bachlorette party to go to this weekend, and I'm throwing a couples "fiesta" themed shower the weekend after that, AND my friend Mal is flying into town today! Yay for seeing a lot of my friends over the next couple weeks. Everyone is so spread out across the country that it usually makes it difficult to see everyone.
4) I've already sold a lot of my wedding stuff and it's only been one day! 
5) Is it too early to decorate my house for fall? I didn't think so.

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