diet schmiet

Day 2 of my diet and I've already lost 1.5 pounds. It should be exciting, but I can already tell that this six weeks is going to be A LOT harder than I thought. I'm a vegetarian and I like vegetables, so I figured doing a vegetable-based diet should be fairly easy, but I've found out that I don't like most vegetables raw (which is how you're supposed to eat them on ETL) and that is a big problem. I have to literally force myself to eat them. You know those faces babies make when you give them something bad to eat? Yeah, I make those faces with every bite. I am hoping that once I get used to it I'll actually start to like them better. In the past, some of the foods that I used to hate, are now some of my favorite.

What I also didn't realize is how much sugar and refined carbs I ate. I never considered myself a sweets person, but in just these past couple of days I now know that I am a HUGE sweets person. That's good to know though, so I can keep it in check when I go back to my normal eating. I was excited to start going vegan, but this diet is like vegan on steroids! Not only am I cutting out the animal products, but for the next six weeks I'm also banned from sugar, fruit juice, white rice, flour, and pasta. 
Speaking of cake, my birthday is now less than 20 days away! 

I better be one skinny bitch when I'm done!

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