Since I obviously have no idea what I'm doing in our living room, I've moved on to our bedroom which is a little less overwhelming since I don't have so many choices. Here is what our room looks like now:
You can't really tell with this picture, but our bedding is a very light blue. 
I've had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to do for curtains in our bedroom, and then I remembered how well light blue and green go together (they were my second choice for our wedding colors). The hunt for the perfect green curtains has begun...
Here's my little inspiration board for our bedroom. I'm hoping Santa will bring me the headboard for Christmas. The curtain fabric is much more chartreuse than green, but I think it works. And I guess I'll have settle for my beloved stripes in a throw. I have a tendency to want to make everything super girly, so I'm trying to keep a feminine/masculine balance going on here. I think the dark wood and stripes help a little.
These curtains are in the running, but I'm not sure if it's the right green. It sometimes looks a little old fashion to me.
All I really want are these freaking curtains. Seriously, I will pay someone if they can find me this fabric!
I also think this kelly green and gray combination looks pretty fab.

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