I haven't stepped foot inside of an American Eagle store since high school, but after reading this month's issue of Real Simple and seeing quite a few sweaters that I liked, I paid a visit to their website and was impressed. I remember that stupid eagle logo used to be on every. single. piece. of clothing, but now it looks like that has changed so I may be giving it a second chance. I mean, $30 for a pair of jeans? Yes, please.
 Ok, so I'm going to go off on a small tangent about faux fur vests. 1) I've been contemplating the purchase since last year, but never followed through because I was pretty sure I couldn't pull it off. 2) While at Anthropologie yesterday I held up a faux fur vest and asked Charlie "what do you think about this?" There was a long silence and he stared at me waiting for my usual "ha ha ha, just kidding," but when he didn't get that response, "are you serious?" came out leading me to believe that I, in fact, can not pull this off. We'll see ;)

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