Another 1.5 pounds gone this morning, making a total of 3 pounds since Monday! It's only been three days, but my favorite thing that I've made to eat is brown rice sushi. Remember, I've pretty much eliminated salt, sugar, etc. so this may be a little more bland than most people like.

I used 2/3 cup short grain brown rice, rinsed. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, add the rice, and then simmer for 40 minutes. Put rice into a bowl for 20 minutes to cool to room temperature. FYI, if this is your first time making sushi I recommend using sushi rice because this isn't nearly as sticky so it makes the roll a lot harder to put together. You can also add soy sauce or rice vinegar to your rice.

Anyway, spread your rice out evenly onto your nori leaving about half an inch on one side (I'll tell you why later). I recommend using a rice paddle to do this because it's pretty sticky. If you use your hands make sure to dip your fingers into water or it will be a huge, sticky mess. Also, don't be dumb like me and start your sushi ON your rolling mat, or else you'll have to try to pick it up and move it onto the mat which isn't so easy.
Add your filling about one inch from the side that you took the rice all the way to the edge. I love the shizz out of avacados, so I usually put about half an avacado on mine. I also use Tofutti vegan cream cheese (in the YELLOW container) and a few sesame seeds.
Now it's time to roll! Bring your nori to the very edge of your rolling mat (the side where you put your toppings should be at the edge) and make your first roll. When you get to this point, stop:
Open your mat and bring the nori back to the edge like this:
Roll again, and then when you get to the edge without rice, stop again.
Your going to put a small amount of water onto the bit of nori that doesn't have rice on it. This will help the roll stick together. After you've added the water finish rolling and gently squeeze the mat the make the roll nice and tight.
Move your finished roll to a cutting board and slice down the middle, cutting one side, and then the other. Make sure you use a very sharp knife, or you'll squish and ruin your pretty roll!
Move to a plate and you have some very yummy sushi!
 I'm not sure that this is the way professionals do it, but it works for me every single time!

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  1. you inspired me! i bought stuff to make my own sushi for tomorrow night. wish me luck!


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