san francisco through instagram

Golden Gate Bridge
 Food truck meet up. If you were Great Food Truck Race fanatics like Charlie and I then you will appreciate that the Nom Nom truck was here!
 My tofu California burrito from the Senor Sisig truck. Super yummy, super huge, and there were french fries in it. Winner.
 Outside the Exploratorium
 The F line cars that we used to get most places
China Town
 Bay Bridge right outside our apartment
 At the top of Lombard Street
 Alcatraz with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background
 Us in the isolation cells in Alcatraz. We sort of look like we belong there, don't we?
And last but not least, the Tanner family residence.

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  1. Tanner residence! That's awesome. Looks like fun. San Fran is on our list of places to go.


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