OMG we're having a fire! (sale)

I went to go check out this wonderful purse from Ann Taylor, only to be incredibly disappointed that the strap didn't extend to make it a cross-body bag (super sad face). Gap was next door so I went in and I'm SO glad I did. I picked up both of these jackets for $5.33 TOTAL out of my pocket. For serious. If you aren't taking advantage of these holiday sales you are cray. They are practically giving stuff away out there!
They both look weird and boxy in the online pics, but they are perfect and fitted in real life. I love jackets because they make me feel put together even though 99.9% of the time I am not put together at all. I'm debating about going back tomorrow and getting this yellow version of the black jacket above:
P.S. I hope you caught the Arrested Development reference in the title of my post :)

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