It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago we moved in together and our living room looked like this:
which changed to this,
and this...
and finally, this:
Our main problem right now is our matching bachelor pad faux leather sofas and Ikea coffee table. We're 99.9% sure this is the couch we're going to get:
I was going to purchase this ottoman, but the shipping was going to cost as much as the piece itself, so I've had to scout out other options. I really love this wooden table with lucite legs, but unfortunately it's only available to the trade (boo). So I'm keeping an eye out for something similar.
Still trying to decide if I can pull off a rug without wooden floors.
Also, our walls in all of our rooms are a mess. I feel like the scale of everything is just... wrong. It's way too small, so I'm trying to figure out what to do there, too. We have this gigantic mirror that I'm trying to decide where to hang.

I also still love these pillows.
I'm also looking for a perfect pair of chairs. Anyone?

I hate that I'm being so indecisive about decorating our apartment, but I want to make sure that I really know what I want before we invest in something that's going to be with us for a few years. I'm having a love/hate relationship with Pinterest right now, because just as soon as I think I've made up my mind about which direction I want to go, I find something completely different that I love.


last weekend in instagram

Here are a few pictures from last weekend. I was still recovering from my horrible cold, so we kept it pretty low key (i.e. boring).

Toby hanging out in our apartment's new dog park!
Toby says thank you for the homemade dog treats, Aunt Caroline and Uncle Sean!!
Are you ever out and decide to go out to eat, but can't decide where? That was us last weekend when we drove by this place and decided to try it out.
I guess it's pretty much fast food, but this place had some seriously yummy ice cream and veggie burgers!
We finally got a new dryer to replace our dying 1980's hand-me-down.
 We replaced our dead washing machine last year, and thankfully we were able to find this matching dryer on clearance! It's so quiet and dries in half the time. I guess you know you're officially old when getting a new dryer makes you excited.



My girly dreams have come true... They make hot pink (!!!) extension cords, along with some other fun neon colors. Of course, you'll have to pay for that prettiness. These suckers aren't cheap. I tell Charlie all the time that I need to start a business that takes normal, ugly "man" things, that girls also have to use, and makes them pretty. I just know I could make a lot of money!



I won! I won! I always enter into contests, but I have never, ever won anything. Ever. I follow Hello! Lucky's blog, and I won this Valentine's Day card!
You're Striking---HL-830
It's perfect for Charlie since he's loves bowling (he even used to be in a league!).



I was intrigued when I saw this bright camel print dress from Anthropologie this fall. Camels? On a dress? I liked the idea, but I was 99% sure I couldn't pull it off.
 I just came across a much more wearable option for animal print, and it even includes camels! I think I'm going to try out the poodle and camel print scarves below from Dorothy Perkins
They even have toucans and cats if that floats your boat.


George Kovacs

Okay, so this is a very petty problem to have, but I can't decide on lamps for our bedroom! It's part of my long list of resolutions to get our bedroom completed by the end of February, so I've been scouring pictures and stores to find exactly what I've been imagining in my head. I have seen this George Kovacs lamp in designs all over the place, and every single time I'm drawn to it, but the problem is how much it costs. Is it crazy to pay that much for a lamp??
Pinned Image
Gorgeous, right?
Pinned Image
I came across a similar style lamp at HomeGoods the other day for less the a fourth of my dream lamp. Since we're now investing in pieces that we plan to have for many years, a part of me thinks I should order THE lamp, and my frugal part thinks I should buy the knock-off and replace the shade with a black lamp shade to get an almost identical look.
1, 2, 34
Talk about some serious first world problems, huh?


instagram updates

I've been slacking on the picture posting recently, but here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks:

Why is he so cute?
A little late, but some pics from New Year's Eve. Aren't our new champagne glasses cute!?
Just loungin'
We constantly find Toby surrounded by his toys. He is a hoarder.
 Bartending class for date night! We won all four drink pouring contests! Heck. Yes.



I may or may not have overloaded our house with girliness. Charlie's guitars and amps have been replaced by woven baskets and mirrored cabinets, so I've been searching for some inspiration on how to somehow incorporate them back into our decor. I really like these finds:
Keepin' it girly and masculine. 
Pinned Image
While searching for my inspiration I came across this photo. This is totes happening for our anniversary pictures this summer!



Now that spring clothes are making their way into stores I've finally been able to find a coral dress for the wedding that I'm in this March. I'm stuck deciding between these two. I really, really like the first dress, but the $28 price tag of the other dress is very tempting. If I got the second dress, I'd probably have it shortened to just above my knees, otherwise I think it would look a little frumpy.


short and stout

I already got my rain boots! The fit is perfect, but now I'm trying to decide if they look like they are from the kid's section since they are shorter than the adult version?
They hit about 3 1/2 inches below my knee. Too short????? The only option would be to return, because I am for shizzle not paying $125 for the taller version.

EDIT: Meh... I've changed my mind. These are going back. I'm not spending this much on shoes that I can't decide if I like. Farewell, purple wellies.

love is in the air

I know some people get weird and cranky about Valentine's Day, but I've never been one of them. Who cares if it's a made up holiday? I sure don't. Flowers, cards, sweets, and a night out with your hunky man (or woman)... I'll take it. I'm loving all of these Valentine's cards:
You can never, ever go wrong with Rifle Paper Co. Ever.
These vintage-y cuties from Hello! Lucky are pretty fabulous, too.



I've always wanted a pair of Hunter's, but was never willing to shell out $125 for rain boots. After waiting and waiting for the Aubergine color to come back in stock in the kid's section I finally scored the last pair on Zappos today.  They look almost identical and are $50 cheaper than the women's version! They're still not exactly a bargain,  but with free shipping and returns I figured it can't hurt to try them out.
They're slightly shorter than the women's version of this shoe, but at 5' 5" I'm not too worried about the 4 inch difference to be willing to pay $50 more. I really, really hope they work! I always order my running shoes and Ugg's in kid's sizes, so the only thing that would be an issue with these is the height.



Today I'm a little cranky. It's starting to get cold and rainy around here, and I've also come down with a cold. Trying to teach kids all day with a head cold = not fun. 

Today I'm dreaming of the beach and where we're going to go for our anniversary trip this summer. I'm trying to convince Charlie that we need to spend a couple of days in Orlando to go the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and then hop on a plane to spend a few days in the keys where we celebrated our honeymoon.



instagram the holiday edition

I'm only just now getting around to putting pictures on the computer. Here are a few from our holiday...
Our diy snow globes!
Christmas day at Charlie's parent's house
Christmas Eve in Blackwell
Drive through lights on our way to Oklahoma
Christmas Eve tradition
the boys jammin' after Christmas dinner. 
 our tree that I just took down this weekend :(
 rockstar Toby
 with his new blanket
sleeping in the wrapping paper piles on Christmas morning