last weekend in instagram

Here are a few pictures from last weekend. I was still recovering from my horrible cold, so we kept it pretty low key (i.e. boring).

Toby hanging out in our apartment's new dog park!
Toby says thank you for the homemade dog treats, Aunt Caroline and Uncle Sean!!
Are you ever out and decide to go out to eat, but can't decide where? That was us last weekend when we drove by this place and decided to try it out.
I guess it's pretty much fast food, but this place had some seriously yummy ice cream and veggie burgers!
We finally got a new dryer to replace our dying 1980's hand-me-down.
 We replaced our dead washing machine last year, and thankfully we were able to find this matching dryer on clearance! It's so quiet and dries in half the time. I guess you know you're officially old when getting a new dryer makes you excited.

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