love is in the air

I know some people get weird and cranky about Valentine's Day, but I've never been one of them. Who cares if it's a made up holiday? I sure don't. Flowers, cards, sweets, and a night out with your hunky man (or woman)... I'll take it. I'm loving all of these Valentine's cards:
You can never, ever go wrong with Rifle Paper Co. Ever.
These vintage-y cuties from Hello! Lucky are pretty fabulous, too.


  1. Super cute cards! I have bitched about V-day for the last few years saying it's stupid, and now I realize you bring up a great point. We get flowers and candy and cards and extra lovin... What's not to like?! As long as I avoid the crowded chain restaurants I think my bitch fest will cease to exist from now on.

  2. If we go out we always just celebrate on the day before or after, or we make a fun recipe together at home. I don't deal well when I have to wait 2 hours for my food!


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