shop 'til you drop

Sorry if you're tired of my materialistic posts lately, but I'm a gal who loves to shop, and I can't help it. Here are a list of stores that are currently in the process of opening up in my 'hood, and I'm about to pee my pants in anticipation:

1) TRADER JOE'S!!!!! - I could jump for joy for daaaays about this one
2) Z Gallerie - I'm so obsessed with this place it's unhealthy
3) Restoration Hardware - enough said
4) Neiman's Last Call - bargains!

You'd be happy too, if you lived in Oklahoma your whole life and these stores were all suddenly at your doorstep. Take that Sooner Fashion Mall!

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  1. You lucky dog!!! Gosh I love Restoration but everything is pricey. I obsess over their catalogs. I wonder how there clearance items rank? Ha!


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