After moving our new Expedit into the guest room, we had our little old one to deal with. We couldn't decide whether to keep it or list it on Craigslist. I did a little experimenting, and for now I think we will keep in our dining room as a little bar area. I like how I can finally display our glasses and fun ice bucket that have been hiding in our cabinets. The striped tote holds our place mats and other table linens, but I may change that. I'm not sure it really fits in with the dining area.
Also, check out these lovely green vases that I scored this weekend from West Elm. They were normally $30 each, but I got them for $8.47! They still have some available on their website if you're interested, but they cost a lot more than they did in my store. I plan on putting some big, fat peonies in one of them, and candles in the others. I just love them! I think they bring a nice pop of color to our beige dining room.
I also couldn't resist the 11x14 version of this piece. I'm hanging it on the wall over by the bar area. I'm so happy that after a year and a half our apartment is FINALLY starting to come together.

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